Exercise of writing in GRE English test 2009

@Diky: I don’t know how to compress its length any more lol. I think I’ll have to desigh the essay’s structure and main ideas first next time.

#:I modified the css sheet, giving a 2em text indent, will it be more convenient to read.

Here is a drawing describing individuals sitting beside his/her computer, surfing on the Internet and contacting others through it. The network has brought us so much convenience that we’ve found it easy to connect to a friend faraway. Even when it was difficult for us to see how he/she on the other side of earth was face-to-faced before, now we achieve this goal thanks to the application of camera and broaden of the network.

But as a matter of fact, as the drawing has also told that we now have an excuse to just live in our isolated house without missing communication with others. When we connect to others only by network, even if using camera or microphone or any other equipment that can tell us more about the others, we gain the convenience, while we lose probably the reality, which means both the real contact and the real emotion. One’s social demand won’t be fed, if he/she just socializes through network, comparing through parties or clubs. What I propose is that we should consider network as a tool but not a life style, by which I mean, we benefit from it when having to talk to others abroad and continue to go to parties or clubs as we can easily do that.


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