Excluding or Tolerating

My parents have been talking too much about those who have behaved odd and got attention from media, such as individual selling his/her time for ¥8/hour on Taobao. They keep telling me that the earth now is overrun with demons, while I response with “You need a little perspective”.

Indeed, all kinds of things have flooded in, thanks to the Internet. It does not seem bad, I feel benefiting a lot, maybe too much so that I have had to force myself to “leave the bedroom and socialize” in order not to integrate myself into my laptop. I think it ok when someone behaves odd even if in order to be famous(speculation?), but one’s excluding notion towards those he/she doesn’t approve, always upsets me, even if it’s not towards me. Perhaps it will be the excluding notions which have the most necessary to be tolerented before we achieve a more tolerent culture, but firstly we ought to pay less attention to those we oppose, by which I mean, just let it be.


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