Acfun Approved by Daiwan Crowd

It’s controversial so I won’t translate it into Chinese.

Daiwan is laughingly known. I learned it from Uncyclopedia, which is fun but blocked.╮(╯_╰)╭

Well, I’m sometimes idle enough to poke on Wikipedia. I do care for whether Acfun’s approved by it, because Acfun was once arise on Wikipedia about a year ago, but deleted immediately for the reason that it was an article of company profile, commercial or website. It was comprehensive, but it hurt. I did not revolt it, because I was not familiar with Wiki and did not want to confront the Daiwan Crowd who was respecting and maybe had occupied Wiki for their mainland compatriot. They did not know how important Acfun was in the mono-cultural mainland, all they knew about Acfun was just a knockoff of Nicovideo.

Now I think it approved. When I visited the page of Acfun just, I only found on the head of the article “more referrence needed to prove attention” rather than such deleted or to be deleted or controversial for any reasons. Glad that it was approved.

Maybe the system of Wiki should and do eventually reveal the value of Acfun, but I simply think that the popularized JINKELA derivative work directly helped. When I searched JINKELA from blogs in Chinese Traditional, I found many who was struck by its original ads, and thought highly of the drivative work finished by 221, hank or other shokunins. We understand each other when satirizing.

As mainland IP addresses are still being blocked by, and the mainstream media of both sides are still smearing the other, we have a looooooooooooong way to get totally understood. I’m trying my best to comprehen, for instance, I’m concerned with Lucifer Chu. But I’m not yet ready for opposing voices on the other site, what a shame. The mono-culture kills someone.


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