Alter to PHP and CI

As I went into django, I realized a problem that not all the webhosts support python, let alone django. So even if I build the whole perfect AcTool by django, I was not sure it would work when ported to the planing paid-host.

PHP must be available everywhere, so I think I should turn to PHP. There have been many PHP frameworks, I’d like to use a light-weigt and config-free one, and found CodeIgniter.

As a matter of fact, I’m not good at C-based scripts, one of which is PHP (I have ever put all my enthusiasm on ASP, but it’s been proved not worth investing in). But to spell over the PHP script isn’t difficult, so I’d like to try. I hope the CI framework can ease some of my work, since it’s well-designed.

Anyway, it’s better to read some articles about disadvantages of a develop tool before learning.


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