Nostalgia Means Aging

When I first came to this conclusion, I made a decision immediately that I would not go back to things I’d ever favored any more, even if I was still favoring by then; But the realisty is I always regret and think I should not have went back; Anyway, I’m always on the way to the grave.

No one can run away from nostalgia. Although there are many advantages when we look back, for instance, not to make the same mistake again, past is future and so on, but the problem is not how we favor the past but how we disfavor nowadays.

"WTF it is! If it were five years ago, it should have been that…” I can find complains of such patterns everywhere. What has happened during the so-called five years? Nothing but they grew older. Five years ago when they were ruling the world, some others who had been ignored by them must have complained the same. Now it is their turn: the main trend always lies on the younger, so they argue agianst those who have seized their power. For one reason, they are aging.


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